Byron Camilleri in survival mode

2021-11-11T11:33:52+01:00Wed, 10th Nov '21, 17:16|

So, Alex Dalli “suspended himself” from the post of director of prisons. Funny this auto-suspension thing. It must be a uniquely Maltese concept. Not enough for us the textbook options of being fired (which Alex Dalli should have been) or suspended pending an investigation (which doesn’t seem to be the case here), or resigning, leaving [...]

Commissioner Muttley

2021-11-10T16:24:06+01:00Wed, 10th Nov '21, 16:24|

The humour just writes itself. Angelo Gafà has just been awarded a medal for "long and efficient service". Technically the medal is awarded by the home minister. In practice he's awarded it to himself. It's a prestigious medal indeed when famously a recent awardee was Ian Abdilla the guy whose idea of fighting crime was [...]

Bernard Grech’s line in the sand

2021-11-10T13:30:15+01:00Wed, 10th Nov '21, 13:30|

From Times of Malta’s report of Bernard Grech’s comments today: “No one, and I repeat no one” in favour of abortion will be allowed to “remain in the party, or represent the party”, for as long as he is party leader, he said. That quote is an underlining emphasis on his earlier point that the [...]

Clyde Caruana’s anti-social contract

2021-11-10T12:06:23+01:00Wed, 10th Nov '21, 12:06|

Yesterday I reported on the introduction of a new tax law that allows people selling property to use the income from the sale to settle tax arrears, getting an exemption from paying tax on the sale itself. I criticised the measure as unfair because, among other things, it is designed around the needs of construction [...]

This is not about revolving doors at all

2021-11-10T11:01:17+01:00Wed, 10th Nov '21, 11:01|

Politicians moving out of their offices to work for people they contracted or regulated as ministers behave unethically and if they find it impossible to restrain themselves from doing this there should be some inbuilt penalties that deter them or punish them. But this is not what Joseph Muscat did. He’d like us to think [...]

Triumph of his will

2021-11-10T10:13:54+01:00Wed, 10th Nov '21, 10:11|

Yet another suicide has been ticked on the prison director’s unprecedented record today. Alex Dalli must feel so proud. The circumstances of the event are not known and I will not speculate on the details. I will just say that the fascist tyranny that runs our prison has no place in our democracy. Alex Dalli [...]

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