2021-11-23T16:51:57+01:00Tue, 23rd Nov '21, 16:51|

I was very happy to participate today on the second day of this important conference on SLAPP suits hosted in London by the Justice for Journalists Foundation and the Foreign Policy Centre. If you want to watch this morning's session scroll to 10:30 on the time shown at the top right of the screen of [...]

Her journey

2021-11-23T09:06:34+01:00Tue, 23rd Nov '21, 09:06|

I’m no expert on the dynamics of the internal politics of the European Parliament. I can add nothing to the “informed sources” quoted by other media groups rating Roberta Metsola’s chances at being elected president. Any ‘analysis’ would be derivative, the sort a local sports commenter would give discussing the soccer world cup on TV [...]

The threat stands

2021-11-23T10:02:54+01:00Tue, 23rd Nov '21, 08:36|

The arraignment and conviction of an erstwhile faceless Facebook commenter warning Repubblika’s Robert Aquilina to feel fear walking the streets of Valletta alone is a welcome development. The local police take these situations seriously and that’s a good thing. This case was not exceptional. With the additional good fortune that the perpetrator did not hide [...]

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