Italian authorities investigating mafia use of Maltese gaming websites

2021-11-18T13:17:42+01:00Thu, 18th Nov '21, 13:17|

Photo: Ansa Italian news agencies report authorities have identified 12 suspects for participating in illegal gambling operations using websites owned by Maltese companies. The suspects are believed to be involved in delinquency, illegal online betting, and false ownership claims. The investigation brings together agents from Palermo, Ragusa, Messina, Agrigento and Trapani. According to [...]

What does 94% tell you?

2021-11-19T05:10:53+01:00Thu, 18th Nov '21, 11:26|

The General Workers’ Union – and I will say more later about the fact that a theoretically socialist labour union could do such a thing – yesterday announced that 94% of people working inside the prison signed a petition praising Alex Dalli and asking for him to be brought back to run the show. By [...]

GUEST POST: The Serene Siren and the Ominous Octopus

2021-11-21T20:26:22+01:00Thu, 18th Nov '21, 10:22|

I live and work in Brussels and I draw satirical cartoons on a range of subjects which I post on Facebook. Following the cyberbullying attack sparked by my cartoon depicting Michelle Muscat as a siren and Joseph Muscat as an octopus, posted on Facebook last week, a lot of people came to speak to me [...]

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