GUEST POST: Libel anyone?

2021-11-02T08:08:28+01:00Mon, 1st Nov '21, 15:56|

Mark Camilleri, former National Book Council Chairman, is a Labour supporter. He used to be a party delegate at its general conference. However, as the Italians say non ha peli sulla lingua. He speaks his mind. He has been critical of the Labour government because of the corruption we had to put up with for [...]

GUEST POST: When a ‘Journalist’ JAQs

2021-11-01T10:15:50+01:00Mon, 1st Nov '21, 10:15|

Karl Stagno Navarra landed himself in lukewarm water some days ago by (among other things) relying on the chance presence of a journalist at a protest organized by Repubblika to push the narrative that that it is part of a group colluding against the Labour party. It’s lukewarm water, not hot water, because Karl Stagno [...]

Beware strangers offering you sweets

2021-11-01T09:12:22+01:00Mon, 1st Nov '21, 09:12|

That must be the first lesson I can remember being given. My mother sent me across the street to the local shop to fetch her butter and ham for sandwiches back when I needed careful navigation instructions to understand what across the street meant. That trip came with two lessons. Look left, then right, then [...]

Fancy a little bit of gaslighting?

2021-11-01T09:56:57+01:00Mon, 1st Nov '21, 08:26|

An unhealthy level of psychopathy is required to speak the way Robert Abela did yesterday about the speculation over the last several weeks on an early election date. It may not be entirely unreasonable to accuse the PN of betraying frayed nerves about an election date set sooner than they’d have liked it to be. [...]

3.8 million illegal pills from Malta caught by Libyan customs – report

2021-11-01T07:46:00+01:00Mon, 1st Nov '21, 07:46|

A container that was supposed to be carrying hospital beds from Malta was held yesterday by Misurata’s customs officers after it was found carrying illegal narcotics the authorities believe “target young people”. A report on Libyan news website Almarsad quotes Libyan customs officer say that 3.8 million TAMOL-K 225, originally from India, were found in [...]

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