Immunity from common sense

2021-11-12T10:23:14+01:00Fri, 12th Nov '21, 10:23|

What the fuck just happened in the court that should have heard charges against John Dalli? First, the disclaimer. The esoteric priestlike capabilities of warranted professionals are rightly respected by amateurs like me. If I’m going to ask for a doctor’s opinion about some ailment, I have no right to weigh years of medical training [...]

GUEST POST: What a namby-pamby

2021-11-12T09:23:06+01:00Fri, 12th Nov '21, 09:23|

Weakness in attitude becomes weakness of character. - Albert Einstein That Robert Abela is a weakling is a known fact. He’s been prime minister for nearly two years now and his actions or rather his inactions and his preference for sitting on the fence prove just how puny he is. Our premier thinks that ignoring [...]

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