GUEST POST: Shopping List

2021-11-11T14:56:40+01:00Thu, 11th Nov '21, 14:56|

Some Practical suggestions for the Prime Minister about how to spend some of the National Budget: Maltese citizens do not need to travel free on buses. What we need are more buses – so that we do not have to wait twenty minutes or more for a bus to pass, usually ‘full up’. Get out [...]

GUEST POST: The Ghost of the American University of Malta Still Lingers on (Part 2)

2021-11-11T10:24:21+01:00Thu, 11th Nov '21, 10:24|

There’s been a ghostly silence since the publication of the first part of this investigation on 23 September, the same month in which the AUM was supposed to have its license renewed. There’s been no further response from Clemson University, supposedly in charge of Quality Assurance services for the AUM as set out in the [...]

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