LONG READ: Article 87

2021-11-09T10:05:18+01:00Tue, 9th Nov '21, 10:05|

Like any other journalist who has asked the police questions not concerning their annual parade or PR exhibitions of their dog unit, I too got my share of standard replies like the one Times of Malta quoted this morning in response to its questions about Joseph Muscat. Are the police investigating Sunday’s revelations that Joseph [...]

New law rewards developers for accumulated tax arrears

2021-11-09T09:40:38+01:00Tue, 9th Nov '21, 09:08|

The government issued a new law to allow people selling property to use the proceeds from the sale to settle outstanding tax arrears. As a reward they get exempted from paying any tax on the sale of the property. The new law, published four days ago as a legal notice by order of the finance [...]

GUEST POST: What a pack of thieves

2021-11-09T08:06:24+01:00Tue, 9th Nov '21, 08:06|

189 different types of donkeys have been identified in the world, but there is another type of donkey that has been forgotten in this list: nations that continue to support their country's government foolishly no matter how bad it is! - Mehmet Murat ildan Never in its chequered modern history did Malta have such a [...]

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