We have no Parliament

2021-11-02T10:28:24+01:00Tue, 2nd Nov '21, 10:28|

Government members did not think so, but Bernard Grech struck the right tone yesterday at the sitting marking 100 years since the first Maltese Parliament convened. Government members expected “kelmtejn tal-okkażjoni”, some bland self-congratulation in a half-hearted circle jerk about the greatness of our democracy. Right now, our democracy is as far from great as [...]

Prime Minister, publish the draft anti-SLAPP law

2021-11-02T09:40:37+01:00Tue, 2nd Nov '21, 09:40|

In a reply to Opposition MP Claudette Buttigieg, Prime Minister Robert Abela confirmed that he’s been working for months on drafting an anti-SLAPP law “to strengthen the protection of journalists”. The MP asked the question because just recently the PM said the law was days away from being presented to Parliament. Where’s the law then? [...]

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