The “Committee” (4): Two professors

2022-01-12T13:39:46+01:00Wed, 12th Jan '22, 13:39|

Two university academics sit on the committee appointed by the government six months after the conclusions of the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry to propose “developments” to the media sector in Malta. Their views are well known, and it is, in my view, perfectly fair to argue that they have been chosen to sit on the [...]

The “Committee” (3): Who else thinks a State Censor is a good idea?

2022-01-12T12:02:41+01:00Wed, 12th Jan '22, 12:02|

This one goes out to Matthew Xuereb, Kurt Sansone, and Neil Camilleri, three journalists sitting as a minority group in the “Committee of Experts” announced by the government yesterday “with the aim of analysing the journalism and media sector in Malta, underline areas which require development and make recommendations to the Prime Minister”. Let’s call [...]

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