It’s strange what they find offensive

2022-01-31T10:48:27+01:00Mon, 31st Jan '22, 10:47|

There’s been a positively apoplectic reaction to the Film Awards’ host’s quip that Malta is famous for tax evasion. Judging by videos of the event the audience received the line with stunned silence. Not that there was raucous laughter at most of his other jokes, mind you. Most of it went over everyone’s head. Which [...]

Defence mechanism

2022-01-31T09:06:02+01:00Mon, 31st Jan '22, 09:06|

It’s easy to be impressed because this guy was a former prime minister. But this is what anyone feeling the noose tightening around their fate does. Consider the Degiorgio brothers who are facing court appearances for the rest of their lives as they are called to answer for the murders, they’re allegedly involved in that [...]

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