Consulting in the confessional

2022-01-13T12:29:49+01:00Thu, 13th Jan '22, 12:29|

I keep going back to the government’s statement of two days ago announcing a committee of experts to treat the issues concerning journalism 6 months after the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry documented the conditions that killed her, including the ones that persist as conditions in which journalists in Malta must work. The government’s statement is [...]

How dare you say corruption?

2022-01-13T11:46:46+01:00Thu, 13th Jan '22, 11:46|

I came to the court building in Valletta today to attend the first session in a court case started last year on Repubblika’s initiative to make the point that (bear with me here) Electrogas is buying gas from Socar at higher than commercial rates, and therefore Enemalta is buying electricity from Electrogas at rates higher [...]

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