UPDATE: Having Saviour do ‘something’ about the Daphne inquiry (2)

2022-01-11T16:20:31+01:00Tue, 11th Jan '22, 16:15|

UPDATED: 16:20 The government has indeed announced that Saviour Balzan has been appointed to the committee of experts making recommendations on the implementation of the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry. Continues from here. The rumoured appointment of Saviour Balzan to a board of experts hired to oversee the implementation of reforms to protect journalists recommended by [...]

Doing ‘something’ about the Daphne inquiry (1)

2022-01-11T16:05:07+01:00Tue, 11th Jan '22, 16:05|

The government appears set to announce the appointment of a board to help implement the recommendations of the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry. You’d think this will be a good thing. You’re meant to think this will be a good thing. But that will be taking things out of context which is what the government wants [...]

GUEST POST: Is Malta in a state of crisis? 

2022-01-11T13:00:18+01:00Tue, 11th Jan '22, 13:00|

Recently I had a discussion with an academic colleague who was arguing that Malta is not facing a crisis. Let’s consider the situation these past few years. First there were the revelations of the Panama papers and a prime minister who adamantly defended his two closest collaborators caught out with secret offshore companies. There was [...]

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