Co-opting the Doge

2022-01-03T16:12:20+01:00Mon, 3rd Jan '22, 16:12|

I agree with this blogpost by Desmond Zammit Marmarà who expressed disgust on Newsbook at the cynical use of the ‘co-option’ formula to smuggle unelected people into Parliament. He explains the procedure and its misuse well, so read his article for background. I have also commented in the past (here’s a collection) particularly on the [...]

Everybody in Shawshank is innocent

2022-01-03T10:51:18+01:00Mon, 3rd Jan '22, 10:42|

Siemens has been washing its hands of the corruption connected with Electrogas since the Panama Papers came out. Their excuse, repeated this morning in comments to Times of Malta is that Electrogas itself – the company they part own – did not pay any bribes to get the power station contract. They do acknowledge “wrongdoing” [...]

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