God save the god (4)

2022-01-21T09:50:10+01:00Fri, 21st Jan '22, 09:50|

Even taking into account all the state capture in Joseph Muscat’s times, I think the point we’re at now in terms of the quivering weakness of the rule of law is as terrible as any we’ve seen. Robert Abela, with the full might of the executive and the ruling party within him and behind him, [...]

God save the god (3)

2022-01-21T11:58:03+01:00Fri, 21st Jan '22, 09:47|

Robert Abela cannot outplay Joseph Muscat’s tune so he dances to it instead. Consider the quote on l-orizzont’s front page today: “Għall-PN, it-tisħiħ tal-istituzzjonijiet ifisser li jdaħħluhom fil-logħba partiġġjana.” That’s a direct quote from remarks by the prime minister who, while denying he’s doing just that, is increasing the pressure on the inquiring magistrate looking [...]

God save the god (2)

2022-01-21T09:44:44+01:00Fri, 21st Jan '22, 09:44|

I doubt Robert Abela privately thinks Joseph Muscat is a god who can do no wrong. But Robert Abela knows the only reason he was elected party leader instead of Chris Fearne was the fact that Chris Fearne had signalled he would not worship on the Joseph Muscat altar after Muscat’s resignation. Robert Abela instead [...]

God save the god (1)

2022-01-21T09:42:10+01:00Fri, 21st Jan '22, 09:42|

I understand the scepticism. Even the cynicism. We’ve been through many dramatic moments that turned out to be largely meaningless not to think that a raid on Joseph Muscat’s house, two years after the inquiry it is part of started, five years after allegations of wrongdoing became known, and days after the subject of the [...]

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