THE SUNDAY TIMES: The going of David Thake

2022-01-16T09:20:11+01:00Sun, 16th Jan '22, 08:40|

From my article in THE SUNDAY TIMES today: "The general rule of thumb is that the public is more lenient on Labour politicians. It’s the fate of the nerds, I suppose. Teachers expect the worst from the recidivist hooligans who sit in the back of the class causing all sort of trouble. Any minor infraction by [...]

The myth of the Mizzi Übermensch

2022-01-16T10:00:55+01:00Sun, 16th Jan '22, 08:34|

People who should know better still speak in glowing terms of Mintoff’s economic policies though those policies were only slightly more enlightened than Soviet collectivisation. It shouldn’t surprise us then that there are people out there who still think Konrad Mizzi could count. He can’t, except when he’s dividing bottom lines by 10 to work [...]

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