Change the world with a Facebook post

2022-01-05T16:16:20+01:00Wed, 5th Jan '22, 16:16|

Oliver Scicluna seems quite disturbed by voters offering him to trade their vote for some favour or other. Though already an MP, by the grace and gift of Robert Abela, Oliver Scicluna now has to go through the grind of canvassing and electioneering to get re-elected, and it seems he’s not enjoying that part of [...]

The vigils you choose

2022-01-05T11:54:32+01:00Wed, 5th Jan '22, 11:54|

Photo: Chris Sant Fournier / Times of Malta Prime Minister, it was good of you to attend yesterday’s vigil to remember Paulina Dembska. It was only right for you to share in the public’s horror and anger at what was done to her and her family. As has been said many times over [...]

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