Young Macduff votes Robert Abela

2022-01-24T15:36:59+01:00Mon, 24th Jan '22, 15:36|

Read this Lovin Malta report of another point brought up by Robert Abela yesterday. He told business owners being “terrorised be institutions” to speak to him directly over WhatsApp or some other way that would avoid a paper trail so that he could defend them from the government of which he is chief executive. I [...]

What will Robert Abela tell the world?

2022-01-24T10:32:37+01:00Mon, 24th Jan '22, 10:32|

Robert Abela has declared his intention to vote against and to instruct his MPs to vote down a draft law introducing anti-mafia legislation in our statute books. He’s only spoken in the negative about some of the other proposals and said nothing good about the rest of the package transposed by the Opposition from the [...]

He says it isn’t a Mafia State. Which proves it is.

2022-01-24T08:58:22+01:00Mon, 24th Jan '22, 08:58|

There are just some premises that betray the unintended motivations of those who postulate them. “Who farted?” is a question asked by the person in the room implicitly admitting they did the deed. It’s just one of those things. Who smelt it dealt it. This is a South Park way of saying that the guy [...]

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