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Frank Portelli begged Simon Busuttil to stay on as PN leader even as he was filing his nomination for the post

2017-09-11T17:23:31+02:00Mon, 11th Sep '17, 17:23|

Frank Portelli, erstwhile PN leadership candidate, is all over Facebook teaching us all a lesson in party loyalty and unity after losing an electoral race. He shows us how it should be done by firing grape-shot in the general direction of anyone he dislikes in the process hitting innocent bystanders like there’s no tomorrow. In [...]

Redefining urgency. Redefining justice.

2017-09-11T12:40:09+02:00Mon, 11th Sep '17, 12:40|

We have come to accept as inevitable the interminable twists of court procedures which we are told exist to ensure justice where expediency and swiftness would suppress it. But sometimes it’s just a joke. The long-winded case on whether evidence of crimes presented to the courts connecting our senior politicians to the Panama revelations, ought [...]

Anger and argument

2017-09-11T10:29:08+02:00Mon, 11th Sep '17, 10:29|

I remember when radio stations were first liberalised in Malta. I remember Michael Frendo piloting the law through parliament. Eons ago now. But there was another eon that had just ended when the Nationalist Party was hounded like a para-military organisation on suspicion of possessing equipment it could use to communicate without the regime eavesdropping. [...]


2017-09-10T08:01:20+02:00Sun, 10th Sep '17, 07:59|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "People watching the war of words over Facebook are seeing arguments they became entirely familiar with in the run-up to the general election. There is admiration of contempt; rationalisation grounded in misguided loyalty; projection of original sin on any alternative; a shift of focus from the message [...]

Blind Sentinels: All FIAU analysts shared one password

2017-09-09T18:01:49+02:00Sat, 9th Sep '17, 18:01|

For several months at least the computer system of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit worked with a simple log-in/password system for its security. Given the sensitivity of the money laundering investigations this Unit is responsible for that is staggering in itself. What is more amazing is that all staff shared a single password to log-in [...]


2017-09-07T15:38:16+02:00Thu, 7th Sep '17, 14:21|

The persistent perception of our community is that people of African heritage who live here are a separate and distinct set of aliens corralled in an area lent to them because providing them with solid ground under their feet is Christian charity compared with leaving them to be swallowed up by the open sea. Inside [...]

Invisibility cloak

2017-09-06T15:18:53+02:00Wed, 6th Sep '17, 15:18|

The passport scheme is a pet hate for me: for reasons of principle, because I cannot conceive how citizenship can have a price tag; for reasons of reputation, because our European friends and allies are rightly annoyed about the implications on them of our little bargain sale; for reasons of social justice, because property prices [...]

Cracks in Malta’s property boom – Italian expats publication

2017-09-06T14:19:09+02:00Wed, 6th Sep '17, 14:19|

See this editorial of the Corriere di Malta, an Italian language website for expats living here. The publication has expressed doubts about the sustainability of the growth of Malta’s properties for some time now. But they are taking their editorial concerns up a notch with this commentary, particularly now that it is witnessing quirky policy [...]

Life membership: what does that even mean?

2017-09-06T09:53:02+02:00Wed, 6th Sep '17, 09:53|

To be a member of the PN one must be a Maltese citizen of at least 16 years of age and accept the statute and the discipline of the party. There’s a safety clause in the statute that also requires a party member to be approved by the party’s executive committee or an official delegated [...]

Plus ça change

2017-09-05T11:58:44+02:00Tue, 5th Sep '17, 11:57|

The primary vocation of a political party is governing. There is no doubt about that. Anything else is second best and therefore defeat. The constitution assigns very important roles to politicians who do not make it to government but government is where they all want to go. And it is right because politics is a [...]

The choice Chris Said made

2017-09-04T10:13:07+02:00Mon, 4th Sep '17, 10:13|

Chris Said had three options to choose from. The traditional thing to do would have been to withdraw his candidature and openly back Adrian Delia in the final round going for party unity and ensuring for himself an influential future in the PN led by his erstwhile rival. That normally happens when the choice of [...]

Party unity

2017-09-02T23:06:25+02:00Sat, 2nd Sep '17, 23:06|

The deadline for my piece on tomorrow’s The Sunday Times loomed large at 10am this morning. I wrote my piece on the basis of what seemed to me to be the likeliest scenario after today’s vote. I wasn’t wrong. Adrian Delia has been commended to the members of the PN by the members of the [...]

Go on. Do your duty.

2017-09-01T16:26:38+02:00Fri, 1st Sep '17, 16:26|

As PN councillors you are entrusted with the responsibility of filtering nominees for the election of the next leader of our party. There has been so much talk bandied about that this candidate or that one should have been prevented from contesting. That there should have been vetting of candidates before the process started and [...]

The populist option

2017-09-01T01:00:02+02:00Fri, 1st Sep '17, 00:09|

Of course it may very well be that at the next Independence Day Adrian Delia will be PN leader. There is no reason to doubt his claim that his support among the grassroots has been galvanized by what he has projected as the establishment’s intervention to attempt to prevent him from taking over the leadership [...]

STAR COMMENT: What the PN can and cannot choose

2017-08-31T07:48:53+02:00Thu, 31st Aug '17, 07:48|

Sent in this morning in reaction to last night's post on Adrian Delia's decision not to withdraw his candidature for leadership of the PN: "There are things that are given to you and they may be taken away; there are other things that cannot be taken from you but only you may throw away. In [...]

A trainwreck in slow motion

2017-08-31T03:39:57+02:00Thu, 31st Aug '17, 03:39|

As I see it the allegations of impropriety or dubious ethical standards against Adrian Delia are secondary. Their provenance irrelevant. A short list of facts has been established by media outside the control of the PN from documents and records that if not discovered and revealed now before his election to the leadership would have [...]

Job requirements

2017-08-30T10:35:23+02:00Wed, 30th Aug '17, 10:35|

When I wrote this piece about the qualities I hoped to see in the next PN leader, the election result that extended the PN’s term in Opposition for another 5 years, was 20 days old. Simon Busuttil had confirmed his decision to leave as did all the administration of the party. The process of changing [...]

Q&A: Have leadership elections always been quite so rough?

2017-08-29T10:51:51+02:00Tue, 29th Aug '17, 10:49|

I got this question in the comment boxes: I would like to ask a question that maybe you can answer through your experience in the party. Were previous elections for leadership so bitter or is this bickering being magnified through the availability and usage of social media? I would like to know from people who [...]

Stay this madness!

2017-08-28T16:24:36+02:00Mon, 28th Aug '17, 15:57|

The wild vortex that has gripped the PN over the past 8 weeks or so risks uprooting the entire edifice. When the debate was about the hesitations of the conservatively inclined about gays and lesbians and bells and rings, the wind felt rough, windows were banging and dusty sheaves of shelved papers in trays marked [...]

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