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This is no normal democracy

2017-10-19T09:44:33+02:00Wed, 18th Oct '17, 22:18|

A day or two after the election result from last June I wrote an essay to try to make sense of an election result I could not understand. Daphne Caruana Galizia read it and linked it on her website. She said it was the analysis she intended to write but had not found the time [...]

GUEST POST: #stoptherot

2017-10-18T17:26:08+02:00Wed, 18th Oct '17, 17:26|

by Lisa Darmanin Demajo As the horrific events of last Monday sink in, I am still suspended somewhere between disbelief and grief. Grieving for the mother, the wife, the sister, the daughter who was loved and lost. Brutally murdered and left to burn in front of her son. My heart breaks for them. Disbelief, that [...]

Italian job

2017-10-18T15:02:55+02:00Wed, 18th Oct '17, 15:02|

The foremost investigators in Italian journalism are in Malta or on their way. For them the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, so visually and morally reminiscent of the Strage di Capaci, is a story with layers and ramifications they have long suspected but feel they must now come here to prove. La Repubblica is reporting [...]

We have seen this before

2017-10-18T17:20:44+02:00Wed, 18th Oct '17, 14:33|

I struggle to think of Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando writing something poignant but from his small, diseased, petty and evil mind comes an unintended but no less significantly strong historical observation. He posted this in his celebration of Adrian Delia’s election to the leadership of the PN. That’s how small-minded he is. Looking at those acronyms [...]

Get ready for a frame-up

2017-10-18T11:00:31+02:00Wed, 18th Oct '17, 11:00|

Here's Evarist Bartolo on Facebook today: "Il-jum it-tajjeb. Wara l-qtil brutali ta' Daphne Caruana Galizia nhar it-Tnejn qed iqumu hafna mistoqsijiet serji u nkwetanti. Min ried jaghlqilha halqha f'daqqa wahda? Ghal tant snin ikkritikat bl-ahrax nies li qatt ma ghamlulha xejn. Xi tfacca gdid fl-ahhar xhur? Wahda mill-konsegwenzi ta' dan il-qtil kien it-tharbit tal-progress socjali [...]

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando on impunity

2017-10-18T09:04:02+02:00Wed, 18th Oct '17, 09:04|

This screen-grab of a rant by Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, another one of many raising a glass to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the one who held him to account for his disloyalty, corruption and pathological lying whilst Joseph Muscat rewarded him and confirmed him in public office he is completely unfit for. Jeffrey Pullicino [...]

Evarist Bartolo’s insufferable hypocrisy

2017-10-18T08:59:09+02:00Wed, 18th Oct '17, 08:59|

An education Ministry civil servant wrote some encouraging words to parents of school children after the execution of Daphne Caruana Galizia. No harm in that and I would hate to diminish its effect if it does anyone any good. DQSE 02_2017 A Tragic Awakening But I know how these things work. Civil servants do not [...]

WATCH: Deborah Schembri on the need to punish journalists for speaking freely

2017-10-17T23:46:13+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 23:46|

Deborah Schembri went on Labour’s TV station to say journalists who go “beyond a certain limit” must be punished. https://www.facebook.com/andre.camilleri/videos/10155985726153689/ Deborah Schembri, you do not understand freedom of speech. You do not understand democracy. The right of the freedom of expression is the right to cause offence, particularly to people of power, particularly to [...]

CORRIERE DELLA SERA: The treasure island does a Corleone

2017-10-17T23:33:36+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 23:33|

No one recognises better what has happened to our country than our Italian neighbours. I urge you to follow the commentaries and insights on the Italian media. Italian journalists are observing the signs of the times in this country and they understand Malta today better than we do. This chilling report by the Corriere della [...]

Refuting the official story

2017-10-17T19:58:35+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 17:05|

Investigators are cautious and they will advise us to wait for conclusions. But we have seen that formula being used before. Why is Jimmy Magro not arraigned a year after the facts became known? The official story is the police is still investigating. Why has Edward Caruana not been booked for corruption and money laundering? [...]

The shame

2017-10-17T12:19:44+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 12:19|

Here is the filth, the rot, the venom at the very heart of our nation. Here is the hate that politicians and journalists have cultivated over months and years against the only one in this country who would stand up and speak out without seeking personal advantage and reward. This Ramon Mifsud is a recently [...]

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