Agency under Chris Cardona in 10,000 euro direct order for “escorting services”

2018-02-05T22:07:49+01:00Mon, 5th Feb '18, 22:07|

A Jason Azzopardi Parliamentary Question asking Chris Cardona to list direct orders committed by his Ministry returned one rather odd reply today. A 01/02/2017 direct order for 10,000 euro is listed in Chris Cardona's reply as having been paid for "provision of escorting services". The "services" are listed as having been acquired by Malta Industrial [...]

Permission to say no

2018-02-05T16:59:15+01:00Mon, 5th Feb '18, 16:59|

Jason Micallef used Labour controlled media to support that woman filmed using her walking stick to clear out flowers, pictures, messages and candles left at the Great Siege memorial in Valletta to remember Daphne Caruana Galizia and demand justice and an end to impunity. He follows a chorus that includes Joe Brincat, Ray Azzopardi (the [...]

Stand by your doctor

2018-02-05T15:34:18+01:00Mon, 5th Feb '18, 15:30|

There wasn't much hope to begin with. The talks between the doctor's union and the government today were unlikely to reach a satisfactory conclusion given how the two side disagree on the direction of the privatisation of hospital management. The government is not likely to budge. There's too much money at stake flowing into pockets [...]

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