UPDATED: A bit like Bette Davis

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Update 19:49 Adds clarification from Frank Psaila. Frank Psaila wrote a moving piece on Eddie Fenech Adami. So moving he moved himself to tears. That is not remarkable in itself. What is remarkable is Frank Psaila felt he needed to thank himself for having brought himself to tears. It's something to will yourself to cry. [...]

The Atlantic: “It may take time to solve her murder, but the question is whether Malta’s institutions have the political will to try.”

2018-02-08T20:53:08+01:00Thu, 8th Feb '18, 13:26|

US News Magazine The Atlantic published a detailed report on the aftermath of the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia remarking that "the murder of a journalist in Europe, at a time when democratic institutions face severe tests worldwide, risk making Malta the weak point that could threaten the entire bloc". The enormous ramifications of this [...]

From ‘Arloġġ tal-Lira’ to ‘Anything Goes’

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Conflict of interest is not an absolute. It's not like virginity: you either have it or you do not. Which is why it is always so controversial. There are lines you should not cross in public life but however real they are, they are invisible. Standards and expectations change over time and normally, one would [...]

UK Government: ‘We’ll never let US health companies bid for National Health Service’

2018-02-08T15:16:48+01:00Thu, 8th Feb '18, 09:24|

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has assured the public she would exclude the National Health Service from any free trade agreement with the United States. A UK The Times story (you'll need a subscription to read it in full) reports on questions from Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable to the prime minister demanding she "confirms [...]

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