George Abela’s short knife

2018-02-15T16:39:35+01:00Thu, 15th Feb '18, 16:39|

The President must be having an uncomfortable afternoon. Reading the testimony given by her predecessor in court today in the proceedings against the organisers of the 2015 charity car show event when a driver mowed down viewers in a horrible accident she must feel the cold knife in the small of her back. George Abela [...]

On anti-money-laundering weaknesses in the gaming sector

2018-02-15T14:37:29+01:00Thu, 15th Feb '18, 14:37|

Agimeg is a specialised Italian news agency interested in the gaming industry. They asked me some questions in view of the recent sparks between Malta and Italy about the use of Malta by mafiosi to launder their money here. Here's the interview. There will be the usual hackles accusing me of treason. The zombie troll [...]

American patients unhappy about Steward’s foray in Malta

2018-02-15T12:43:39+01:00Thu, 15th Feb '18, 12:43|

Last boxing day, Steward Health Group announced on its Facebook page it had purchased the concession of three hospitals in Malta. Its regular readers were none too pleased. The general message was they were not too happy with the service they were getting and they were not expecting things to get better now their hospital [...]

Steward Health Group sister company files for bankruptcy

2018-02-15T08:57:29+01:00Thu, 15th Feb '18, 08:57|

Remington Outdoor Company Inc, that like Steward Health Group is owned by Cerberus Capital Management, has filed for bankruptcy to slash a debt load just shy of a billion US dollars. Remington is one of the largest American firearms manufacturers. A Reuters report quotes Remington saying it will receive $145 million in bankruptcy financing to [...]

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