There’s a name for that

2018-02-20T07:05:56+01:00Mon, 19th Feb '18, 18:28|

Adrian Delia went to court today to challenge the privatisation of the hospitals. Strictly speaking he was challenging the concession of the public land. At law a Parliamentarian is allowed to go to court to challenge a concession of public land if it is not used in compliance with the terms that Parliament granted it [...]

The world is watching

2018-02-19T13:05:14+01:00Mon, 19th Feb '18, 13:05|

A civil society movement set up in the wake of the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia buys space on 3 billboards that carried adverts for beer and holiday offers before. That event would have been a matter of moderate interest in the local media and stopped there. The government strikes down the billboards within 12 [...]

Up side down

2018-02-19T14:32:38+01:00Mon, 19th Feb '18, 12:46|

David Casa walked out of the court building this morning relatively unscathed. He’s not wearing the handcuffs Manuel Mallia believes he deserves. Yet. People wonder how nothing sticks to Joseph Muscat. It’s because he uses henchmen to deliver the biting quotes and scandalous actions. He got a Valletta councillor to try to destroy the Republic [...]

Envy of the world? Not quite.

2018-02-19T10:54:53+01:00Mon, 19th Feb '18, 10:37|

The classic Abwehrmechanismen to rationalise international criticism of Malta's kleptocracy is that "our foreign critics envy us". Who doesn't want Joseph Muscat as their prime minister if what you get in the package is sustained economic growth, low taxes and a budget surplus? It looks like a good deal but scratch the surface and imitating Malta [...]

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