Campaigning for the 16-year old vote

2018-02-12T17:05:00+01:00Mon, 12th Feb '18, 17:05|

I kept thinking how, in the midst of the general euphoria for the emancipation of 16 and 17 year-olds, I was going to explain my queasiness about this notion. And then I saw the picture below and perhaps without having to say much I can be better understood. Is this what we need for our democracy [...]

Monumental mistakes

2018-02-12T17:09:05+01:00Mon, 12th Feb '18, 16:40|

I will not go into the merits of if and when and where a permanent memorial for Daphne Caruana Galizia should be erected. If I try I suppose I can form an opinion on the subject but I don't think this is really the most important thing on the national agenda right now. When I [...]

Gaming authority to clamp down on Italian licencees

2018-02-12T12:20:23+01:00Mon, 12th Feb '18, 12:14|

Specialist industry journal GamingCompliance quoted "high-ranking Maltese sources" saying that all Italian online gambling licences in Malta will be investigated to root out connections with illegal betting shops in Italy. Not a moment too soon. This is welcome news for an industry tarnished by ineffective policing on the mafia who has been using Malta to [...]

What are we supposed to think, Neville Gafà?

2018-02-12T21:12:18+01:00Mon, 12th Feb '18, 11:41|

Neville Gafà is pitying himself for having a rotten reputation of corruption, particularly for extorting money from immigrants seeking an entry visa. He tweeted his anger at PN MP Claudette Buttigieg for retweeting someone who first tweeted Neville Gafà when quoting newspaper reports that a quarter of the American University’s student body vanished after they [...]

The MAM should not be left alone

2018-02-12T10:26:18+01:00Mon, 12th Feb '18, 10:26|

It is high time for the other unions to speak up about the privatisation of hospitals. MAM, the doctors’ union, has issued a statement today (see below) reminding everyone how it has stood, mostly alone, against the dismantling of our national health service since this corrupt idea first popped out of Konrad Mizzi’s genius.  And [...]

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