If you are a journalist, quit the IĠM: leave it for functionaries of the state

2018-02-14T22:39:36+01:00Wed, 14th Feb '18, 22:37|

Not that I was falling over myself to join, but today's Istitut tal-Ġurnalisti Maltin statement "condemning" Daphne Caruana Galizia's sister for stopping a self-described "One TV journalist" in his line of duty, should be enough to get any self-respecting autonomous person to walk out immediately. Their statement is an act of collaboration with an oppressive [...]

Economist IU: “Risk that investors could turn away from Malta”

2018-02-14T21:20:50+01:00Wed, 14th Feb '18, 21:20|

The Economist Intelligence Unit has in a report issued today analysing the impact of the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia concluded that "the international focus on corruption and organised crime in Malta in the wake of Ms Caruana Galizia's murder does not appear to have had a negative impact so far on the country's business environment. [...]

Martin Scicluna and Alfred Sant on corruption

2018-02-15T07:36:09+01:00Wed, 14th Feb '18, 20:31|

I am way beyond the stage of describing Martin Scicluna as the poorer signatory of a Faustian deal. Doing so perpetuates the fiction that he is some objective analyst who uses knowledge, experience and professionalism to rule independently in favour of Joseph Muscat like the one year old’s innocent grasp of kinky underwear at their [...]

Where impunity does not rule

2018-02-14T07:51:04+01:00Wed, 14th Feb '18, 07:51|

Israel’s police have recommended prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu be charged over alleged bribery. While the attorney general assesses the recommendation, which can take months, Benjamin Netanyahu pledges to stay on as prime minister. He says he’s convinced the charges will amount to nothing. Some people have pointed this out to me highlighting how proper institutions [...]

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