We deserve better

2018-02-18T18:58:09+01:00Sun, 18th Feb '18, 18:45|

Statement by #occupyjustice: A day after billboards put up by #occupyjustice were pulled down by the authorities, the activists rallied in front of Castille with banners of the same messages and lay them at the Prime Minister’s doorstep. “Prime Minister if you think you are going to silence us by pulling down our billboards, or [...]

STAR COMMENTS: Changing moods

2018-02-18T17:01:20+01:00Sun, 18th Feb '18, 17:01|

Here are two comments from two different people about how the Republic Street memorial calling for justice elicits responses that do not make it to Super 1's angry reports on 'provocations'. Know that the people do care . Yesterday I was in Valletta with a group of ladies, celebrating a friend's birthday. None of the [...]

High-fiving over the girl

2018-02-18T13:55:39+01:00Sun, 18th Feb '18, 13:55|

Ground-breaking journalism from the folks at Labour HQ. Owen Bonnici and Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi look for and find a photo-op to persuade the world they’re not feuding. They found an event where they were not likely to quarrel. I didn’t realise these Clockwork Orange intrusions into the bedrooms of centenarian bed-ridden ladies were still a [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Too cruel anywhere

2018-02-18T08:55:42+01:00Sun, 18th Feb '18, 08:55|

From my piece on The Sunday Times today: "A man who introduced himself as a pros­pective candidate to the mayorship of Valletta said he “did not altogether agree with Daphne’s killing” but a memorial of flowers in Valletta was offensive to his constituents. "Another man pretended to squeal in agony because one of Daphne’ sisters [...]

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