Mintoff’s picture

2018-02-16T23:26:38+01:00Fri, 16th Feb '18, 23:26| Civil Society's comments tonight on Mintoff's picture at the Daphne Caruana Galizia memorial in Valletta: We understand why someone would want to put pictures of Raymond Caruana and Karin Grech on a popular memorial and protest site demanding justice and an end to impunity. Mintoff died in his sleep of natural causes. No one [...]

Equivocating equivalence

2018-02-17T13:59:30+01:00Fri, 16th Feb '18, 17:21|

This is how Labour justify themselves. They throw contradictions in the mix, confusing issues and throwing people into forced reserved neutrality. I saw them do it to a smart man a few weeks ago. Owen Bonnici tried to drown Antonio di Pietro in a sea of dubious facts, half-truths and lies which the man had [...]

The picture they should have put there

2018-02-16T09:20:57+01:00Fri, 16th Feb '18, 09:18|

And inevitably someone brings pictures of Karin Grech and Raymond Caruana to the Daphne Caruana Galizia memorial in Republic Street. I see the point of those who did that of course. The two cases demand justice. Unlike Daphne Caruana Galizia, neither one of them was specifically targeted. But this is not a pantheon to rank [...]

#OccupyJustice: 3 billboards for the prime minister

2018-02-16T23:23:11+01:00Fri, 16th Feb '18, 08:18|

#Occupyjustice statement: In the Oscar-nominated movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, an anguished mother seeks justice for her murdered daughter. After months pass without the culprit being caught, the mother makes a bold move, and puts up three billboards on a main motorway, with pointed messages directed at the town’s revered Chief of Police. In [...]

GUEST POST: I’m a stranger at home

2018-02-16T11:24:03+01:00Fri, 16th Feb '18, 07:50|

By someone known to me: It is difficult to describe the four months since Daphne’s assassination. I knew her and am privileged to have done so. I did not know her well. She was not a friend, more of an acquaintance. Our paths crossed fleetingly several times - none had anything to do with politics [...]

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