Times of Malta Editorial: The writing on the wall

2018-02-07T15:30:25+01:00Wed, 7th Feb '18, 09:16|

Do please read today's leader on Times of Malta. It warns off Jason Micallef, Ray Azzopardi and others who think that since Valletta is Tagħna Lkoll, no one has the right to protest against the government. Here's what they had to say about the vicious clamour to "clean out" the people's memorial to Daphne around [...]

Joseph Calleja, don’t prop up Henley&Partners

2018-02-07T00:26:27+01:00Wed, 7th Feb '18, 00:26|

I have no problem admitting that I am a fan of Joseph Calleja. I am no expert but I like his singing. But more than the honeyed voice and booming roar he's famous the world over for, he's a boy from home so I don't mind saying, he's my excuse for wrapping myself in the [...]

Journalists of the state

2018-02-08T15:19:30+01:00Wed, 7th Feb '18, 00:06|

Of all the many ways that media freedom is compromised by state intervention in Malta, the most glaring is the false adoption of the term 'journalist' by propagandists of the state. They not only pretend to be journalists whilst serving the interest of their regime. They actively work to exclude genuine journalists and seek to [...]

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