Fake news. From an official source.

2018-02-06T16:48:10+01:00Tue, 6th Feb '18, 16:48|

Glen Bedingfield is a man of many hats but only one really counts. He's a blogger. He's a back-bench Labour MP. But those are auxiliaries. His core function is at the Office of the Prime Minister, at a desk no more than 10 metres from that of Joseph Muscat. As a source he is as [...]

Your right to know

2018-02-06T12:57:25+01:00Tue, 6th Feb '18, 12:57|

Watch this speech by Jason Azzopardi. He makes the case on how Pilatus Bank and Henley and Partners appear to be fingers attached to the same hidden hand. Another finger is Joseph Muscat who is reported by MaltaToday insisting he had no prior knowledge of Pilatus’s Arizona SLAPP lawsuit against Daphne Caruana Galizia. https://youtu.be/5Dwtea2wrAI Actually [...]

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