Rags to riches

2018-02-09T17:21:14+01:00Fri, 9th Feb '18, 17:21|

Great twitter thread by BugM. Everyone loves a rags to riches story. 1/ Meet Ikona Artworks, a #Maltese "boutique" (aka small & unknown) design firm owned by Joel Saliba and Margaret Pace, of crumbling jablo #V18 statues & friends in #Malta Gov fame. pic.twitter.com/Fbv9XYdzMR — BugM (@bugdavem) February 8, 2018 2/ In 2012, Ikona Artworks, [...]

Soft landing

2018-02-09T17:14:52+01:00Fri, 9th Feb '18, 17:14|

You wouldn't want Edward Zammit Lewis to suffer hardship after losing his job as a Minister. He did not make it to Cabinet after the 2017 election which entitled him to a soft-landing allowance equivalent to half a year's pay as a Minister. When he eventually did make it to Parliament he got the MP's [...]

Your government may be watching you now

2018-02-09T11:02:22+01:00Fri, 9th Feb '18, 10:04|

As part of a BBC documentary on the House of Saud, the authors interview a professional hacker turned whistle-blower who for several years worked in Malta for an Italian company that designs spy-software for governments. Alberto Pelliccione describes Trojans hidden inside mobile phone or desktop Apps that give security services access to your devices. They [...]

Updated: Il-mitt miljun

2018-02-09T20:22:51+01:00Fri, 9th Feb '18, 09:52|

Five years ago today was the most triumphant day of Lawrence Gonzi’s premiership. As the EU was cutting down on its 7-year budget, he pushed and secured a considerable increase in the allocation of funds to Malta. 1.128 billion euro for the subsequent seven years. Labour governments got to spend it. That’s fine. It’s the [...]

Longer life as a Laburist sal-Mewt

2018-02-09T11:04:01+01:00Fri, 9th Feb '18, 09:49|

‘Laburisti sal-Mewt’ is a Facebook group for people who think support for their party is a life-long commitment. Or perhaps they think it’s a terminal illness. Either way they congregate there to live in a world where everyone agrees with them and any traitors in their midst can be made to walk the plank. It’s [...]

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