BR: Murder in Malta. How corrupt is the island?

2018-02-26T21:36:45+01:00Mon, 26th Feb '18, 19:41|

This is a documentary broadcast on German National TV last week. Below is a loose English translation of the transcript. I should point out that some details, particularly from the interviews in Malta and English have gone through translations in both directions so in places they may not be completely accurate. "Murder on Malta [...]

Zero tolerance for corruption

2018-02-26T21:34:09+01:00Mon, 26th Feb '18, 16:51|

I will be away on a prior engagement on Friday but the action of Il-Kenniesa in Valletta with the theme ‘journalism is not a crime’ truly deserves the support of anyone who can make it. Reporters without Borders are also attending. Their lives too were transformed by the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. And barely [...]

Definition of insanity

2018-02-26T13:22:29+01:00Mon, 26th Feb '18, 12:50|

I used to think I could imagine how it might feel for the spin-doctors and the strategists of a suffering side of a poll to see their numbers stuck. The PN team had to dig deep into yesterday’s polls published by it-Torċa to find reasons for hope and they can’t have found much. Unless of [...]

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