Resident guest George Farrugia Calleja:

The revelations about Adrian Delia and his law firm, in a normal world, don’t amount to much more than a bucket of luke-warm spit.

It is only in the tabloid environment occupied by certain areas of the media (you reading this Independent?) or in the intentionally malign areas occupied by others, who know who they are, that professional activities such as those reported in respect of Adrian Delia take on a sinister hue.

In the real world, as far as I can see, serious practitioners shrug and think “and so?” when they read things like this.

This does not, of course, mean that there wasn’t a PR situation that needed to be handled and from the outside looking in, it looks pretty damn clear that Adrian Delia’s handlers handled it poorly.

Normally so quick to lash out at anyone who doesn’t hold Adrian Delia up as a paragon of all PN virtues, the new team seems to have hummed and hawed and let the boss be savaged by what should only be classified as a moribund lamb.

Because, hey, is it not the received wisdom that the Independent is pretty much Adrian Delia’s to do with as he wishes?

If the PN want to go head to head with Muscat and his cronies, someone needs to up their game and no mistake.