Sent in by a reader:

I  was an avid follower of Daphne and was just devastated at her horrific assassination. Then I found you and read your various dedications to her with tears in my eyes.

I never made any comments on her blog though so many times I wanted to,  but as an ex pat living here, felt I didn’t have the right, even though we have lived here for 19 years.

We cannot vote here, neither can we vote in the UK as we have been away too long. Neither am I a politically inclined person but my heart breaks for Malta and what it has become. I never look at the PL bloggers apart from a very rare look at Beddingfield to find out what he really did say.

I emailed Daphne in the same vein and she asked permission to publish it, but I never saw it. Thank goodness there are people like yourself to carry on with her fight.

I enjoy your pages so much and continually log in to see if you have posted anything else. We took early retirement  here in 1999 and most of the time have lived very happily under a PN adminstration.

Much gratitude to you, The Shift and Lovin Malta, which are the only ones I read, along with the Times of Malta, and long may you continue to fight for the Malta we have come to know and love.

Best wishes.