Burning the candle at the Central Bank

2018-08-02T10:29:44+02:00Thu, 2nd Aug '18, 10:29|

Even if the guys at the Central Bank were dragged to their laptops in the middle of the night to mitigate S&P’s comments about the harm to the reputation of Malta’s banking sector, the damage is considerable. We should never make the mistake of blaming S&P. It would be no different to the government blaming [...]

How about my right of reply?

2018-08-02T09:25:04+02:00Thu, 2nd Aug '18, 09:25|

On my behalf Andrew Borg Cardona sent the following to the editor of NET TV in response to a report where they said I lied about the Opposition voting in favour of the cannabis law when I said no such thing. So far they haven't reported it. L-Editur NetNews Nikteb ghan-nom ta’ Manwel Delia b’riferenza [...]

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