PN’s media house called me a liar even as it lied

2018-08-01T16:38:14+02:00Wed, 1st Aug '18, 16:38|

“Il-blogger Manuel Delia mgiddeb” screams the Net headline giving me half my professional title presumably because I’m still unworthy of the prefix ‘biċċa’. In reporting a letter to this website from the party’s new lawyer Vince Galea, Net TV reports that I lied to my readers saying the PN Parliamentary Group voted in favour of [...]

Jaqueline Alexander denied bail by Panama Court and detained as part of organised crime and money laundering investigation

2018-08-02T10:33:12+02:00Wed, 1st Aug '18, 15:01|

Jaqueline Alexander was denied bail by a special Panama court while investigations into her involvement in money laundering are underway. The Egrant inquiry has relied on Jaqueline Alexander’s statement filed in Panama itself in order to refute the credibility of the documentary evidence presented to the inquiry that suggests that Michelle Muscat owned the secret [...]

Malta Today and the prime minister’s conspiracy

2018-08-01T14:43:51+02:00Wed, 1st Aug '18, 14:41|

One of the many confusions that need to be cleared up is that the Egrant inquiry was not requested by the prime minister as would have been his prerogative to do under the special law regulating inquiries. Instead, the prime minister, out of line of course, had the police chief request a magisterial inquiry with [...]

Earth vs Martin Scicluna

2018-08-01T10:09:41+02:00Wed, 1st Aug '18, 10:09|

There isn’t much substance to Martin Scicluna’s article of today. He quips that any examination of the small fraction of the Egrant inquiry is the work of loony flat-earthers. He is amused by his joke and spends the next 1,000 words laughing at it. Incidentally, flat-earthers are people who take what they see at face [...]

Mossack Fonseca’s rigour with signatures

2018-08-01T09:09:42+02:00Wed, 1st Aug '18, 09:07|

The Egrant inquiry dismissed documentation showing Michelle Muscat’s alleged ownership of Egrant on the basis of declarations by a former Mossack Fonseca employee about the signatures appearing on it. Mossack Fonseca was notoriously indifferent to the signatures appearing on documents it processed. Consider the case of a Slovenian inspector who lost his job when a [...]

How Mossack Fonseca recruited fake owners of companies really owned by the criminal and the corrupt

2018-08-01T08:46:44+02:00Wed, 1st Aug '18, 08:46|

The big question still unanswered by the published fraction of the Egrant inquiry is, who owns Egrant? Documentation that may or may not have come by Aaron Bugeja cannot convincingly answer that. Indeed if he were convinced by any of it he’d have said so in the inquiry conclusions. But crucially nor can the testimony [...]

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