GUEST POST: It’s up to us again

2018-08-17T17:07:20+02:00Fri, 17th Aug '18, 17:07|

Sent in by Karen Calleja who was at yesterday's vigil: Many things have happened in the last 10 months, but there hasn't been a day when Daphne Caruana Galizia was not thought of, mentioned or remembered. I still visit her Running Commentary, to refresh my memory and to feel her presence. And I always end [...]

A review of the Egrant inquiry conclusions (Part 2)

2018-08-17T16:36:41+02:00Fri, 17th Aug '18, 16:36|

Second part of Godfrey Leone Ganado's review of the conclusions of the Egrant inquiry: Egrant, Panama and the Inquiry Report Once again, I must highlight that my article is based on the 50 page conclusions published with the compliments of Joseph Muscat, who together with his spouse Michelle Muscat Tanti, are the subjects of the [...]

Winston Psaila: Above all she had guts

2018-08-17T13:11:50+02:00Fri, 17th Aug '18, 13:11|

This is Winston Psaila's speech at yesterday's vigil: I would like to say something about hope and illusions. For as long as I can remember, it was drummed into us that hope springs eternal. It’s the last thing to die because it’s the only butterfly we managed to trap in Pandora’s box. I have never [...]

Jessica Debattista: Daphne was an artist

2018-08-17T16:10:19+02:00Fri, 17th Aug '18, 10:06|

This speech, in Maltese, was delivered at yesterday's vigil by Jessica Debattista: Daphne…… kienet artista!  Forsi tarawha stramba din l-affermazzjoni f’dawn il-mumenti fejn kulħadd qiegħed jiffoka  fuq il-korruzzjoni li ħakmet ‘il pajjiżna. Daphne kienet artista, għall-fatt li kellha sens ta’ osservazzjoni akut, tant li kienet tqaxxru l-karattru Malti fil-kitbiet tagħha. Ma kien jaħirbilha xejn, tant [...]

Lizzie Eldridge: Serenity, what a joke.

2018-08-18T10:37:08+02:00Fri, 17th Aug '18, 09:38|

This is Lizzie Eldridge's speech at yesterday's vigil. It is 10 months since the brutal assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It is 10 months since she was brutally murdered. And if we had to detail every single thing that’s happened since she was killed, it would fill a million books. And these books would be [...]

Matthew, Andrew and Paul Caruana Galizia: message to August vigil for truth and justice

2018-08-17T09:18:12+02:00Fri, 17th Aug '18, 09:18|

The following message was read out at yesterday's Valletta vigil for truth and justice, marking 10 months since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It was read out on their behalf by their aunt Corinne Vella. Few people enjoy confrontation. But many of you here know that it’s sometimes necessary. The past few weeks have [...]

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