GUEST POST: A bishop’s instruction manual

2018-08-30T14:09:49+02:00Thu, 30th Aug '18, 14:09|

An insider I know sent in this guest post to help us understand the rules that might guide a bishop on what to do when they come across a case of clerical sex abuse. I’m told to point out that wherever the term ‘bishop’ is used it also applies to ‘major superiors’ who have similar [...]

Alfred Sant is right

2018-08-30T13:37:50+02:00Thu, 30th Aug '18, 13:37|

I haven’t seen the original interview on Smash TV; just this summary of it on The Malta Independent. But I can’t fault anything in what Alfred Sant is being quoted as saying. He focused his attention on the Parliamentary Opposition because that is what he was talking about. He may or may not agree with [...]

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