A review of the Egrant inquiry conclusions (Part 3)

2018-08-18T16:17:14+02:00Sat, 18th Aug '18, 16:17|

Third part of Godfrey Leone Ganado’s review of the conclusions of the Egrant inquiry: In this third Article, I will provide further background from the Panama Papers, the legislation governing companies in Panama and how Egrant Inc fits into this scenario. On page 1409 of the report, point ‘f’ lists Panama Lawyer Fernando Berguido who [...]

Matthew Caruana Galizia: Karl Cini forged Egrant documents

2018-08-18T16:04:38+02:00Sat, 18th Aug '18, 16:04|

Matthew Caruana Galizia is yet another witness in the Egrant inquiry who says he has been warned by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja of consequences if evidence in his possession was handed over to the inquiry. “When I testified before Magistrate Aaron Bugeja more than a year ago, he warned me he could not protect me if [...]

The directorships of Jacqueline Alexander

2018-08-18T15:36:42+02:00Sat, 18th Aug '18, 15:36|

You're not expected to memorise this. There's no test at the end of the week. But you should know that Jacqueline Alexander, the witness who testified she never signed the declarations of trust of Egrant identifying Michelle Muscat as its owner served as director for the list of companies appearing here. For each of these [...]

Ali Sadr’s sister shuts down San Francisco shop

2018-08-18T10:30:12+02:00Sat, 18th Aug '18, 10:30|

Ali Sadr Hasheminejad’s sister, Negarin Sadr, closed down her clothes shop in San Francisco four weeks ago. A trusted source of this website yesterday visited the address formerly occupied by Negarin London after its Google page marked it as permanently closed. Witnesses from the neighbourhood on Fillmore Street, San Francisco, told this website Negarin London [...]

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