A tale of two ratings agencies

2018-08-06T10:33:47+02:00Mon, 6th Aug '18, 10:30|

Well not really. It’s a tale on how TVM, the national broadcaster covered statements by Standard & Poor’s and Fitch. First a disclaimer. Joseph Muscat has legitimised the logical fallacy of tu quoque. Being told in retort that I too covered the two statements differently does not hold water. I am not a news service. [...]


2018-08-06T09:52:50+02:00Mon, 6th Aug '18, 09:52|

This Facebook post by Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando is remarkable. Firstly, of course, it relies on the idea that every time people go to bed, they wake up the next morning like goldfish, with no memory. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando accused David Casa of treachery and of knowingly speaking untruths to harm those around him. Perhaps, for [...]

Adrian Delia (3): Deafening silence

2018-08-06T07:57:10+02:00Mon, 6th Aug '18, 07:57|

The Malta Today results corroborated the earlier Lovin Malta survey that used a different methodology and got very near results on the voting intentions front showing a gap between the PL and PN of something between 94,000 and 100,000 votes: meaning that for any person intending to vote PN, two would be voting Labour. That [...]

Adrian Delia (2): Painting by numbers

2018-08-06T07:48:11+02:00Mon, 6th Aug '18, 07:48|

In a short radio interview yesterday morning Adrian Delia continued with his self-immolation tour. He said the PN “lost its credibility and is not managing to show it renewed itself”. It has and it isn’t but not for the reasons being spun by the leadership of the party. There’s an attempt to give the hallucinating [...]

Adrian Delia (1): Logic gates

2018-08-06T07:29:42+02:00Mon, 6th Aug '18, 07:29|

There is a significant logical gap in something Adrian Delia told The Sunday Times yesterday. “There is nothing in the 1,500 pages of the Egrant inquiry report, which has not been published so far in its entirety, which may alter its crystal-clear conclusions.” It’s never difficult to understand whose side Adrian Delia is on. To [...]

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