Priest convicted of molesting 17 children permitted by Maltese church to say mass “on special occasions”

2018-08-27T16:28:21+02:00Mon, 27th Aug '18, 16:28|

Felix Cini, convicted in 2004 in Italy for molesting 17 children and caught downloading child-porn on his computers by the police, has been permitted by the Maltese Curia to say mass at Bormla parish “on special occasions”. These photos are from the mass and procession of this year’s Pentecost where Felix Cini and other priests [...]

People or numbers

2018-08-27T14:33:28+02:00Mon, 27th Aug '18, 14:33|

Times of Malta’s Denise Grech made the incoming chief of the Housing Authority sweat. Good job. Someone should be telling Mr Leonid McKay he’s in for what should be one of the toughest jobs in the public administration right now: if he was selected to do it properly. His performance at the interview suggests he [...]

Wagging WAGs

2018-08-27T14:02:41+02:00Mon, 27th Aug '18, 14:02|

The Times of Malta leader today calls out Michelle Muscat and Nickie Vella de Fremaux for their comparable behaviour. It calls them WAGs, comparing them to air-headed spouses of professional footballers merely famous by association. And it calls them out for using their fame to blame everyone but themselves for shortfalls they could have helped. [...]

On the Parvis Notre-Dame of Xagħra

2018-08-27T14:03:18+02:00Mon, 27th Aug '18, 11:21|

Pandora sent in this comment under my commentary of yesterday on the Gozo priestly sex abuse story. “It was not my intention to comment on this case, but I am in Xagħra today and I have come to the conclusion that really one has to know both sides of the story before painting one completely [...]

John McCain’s thumb

2018-08-27T11:16:10+02:00Mon, 27th Aug '18, 11:16|

John McCain was an enthusiastic supporter of the improvement of Malta’s relations with the United States. He was here in Malta in 2008, days after he lost the presidential election to Barrack Obama. He famously immersed himself in his duties as Senator. He would later say of those weeks immediately after losing the election that [...]

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