Venezuela oil company: the common factor between Ali Sadr’s scam and fresh Malta money laundering scandal

2018-08-12T19:24:50+02:00Sun, 12th Aug '18, 19:24|

Diego Giudice/Bloomberg News Venezuela state-owned oil company PDVSA is at the heart of a new money laundering investigation connecting Malta to Venezuela after two alleged participants in a billion-dollar international scheme to launder funds embezzled from the company using sophisticated false-investment schemes were arrested yesterday. The scandal was first reported in Malta by [...]

It-Torċa were not nice

2018-08-12T11:14:06+02:00Sun, 12th Aug '18, 11:14|

Nickie Vella de Fremeaux is disappointed with how it-Torċa covered their interview with her. She says they trashed a text she approved and published what they wanted. So this morning she published on Facebook her own version of that interview. The country has bigger fish to fry than the outbursts of Nickie Vella de Fremeaux. [...]

A Borg-Cardona: To the bullies out there

2018-08-12T10:49:38+02:00Sun, 12th Aug '18, 10:49|

Guest post from Andrew Borg-Cardona: I was in two minds (to go with my two faces, if my critics are to be believed) whether to add my opinion, such as it is, to the debate about the way Kristina Chetcuti is being mercilessly bullied and attacked by the trolls and hypocrites that are being coordinated [...]

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