16th August: Vigil for truth and justice

2018-08-17T08:31:03+02:00Sat, 11th Aug '18, 18:18|

It's hot. And it's not just the weather. But no matter how much they fan them, the flames we face are nothing compared with the ones that consumed Daphne Caruana Galizia. She ran ahead of all of us and was cut down. None of us should be surprised that we now come within range. This [...]

While you’re jabbering about bullying

2018-08-11T17:49:20+02:00Sat, 11th Aug '18, 17:49|

So we’re all talking about bullying now. If it were to serve some good end, like raising awareness about it, assessing how well equipped schools and parents are to fight it, helping people to teach their children how to manage it, how to detect it early, how to address it, that would be a good [...]

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