I am not a diva!

2018-08-04T16:25:57+02:00Sat, 4th Aug '18, 16:23|

… said the wannabe diva. The soul-crushing climax of the Saviour Balzan interview with Michelle Muscat was, of course, the exhumation of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s remains for a crazed Sabbath dance choreographed by the interviewer and the interviewee. Then, with blood still dripping from her fangs, she went on to express surprise not everyone falls [...]

Caruana Galizia family files constitutional case after suppression of their freedom of expression

2018-08-04T15:41:40+02:00Sat, 4th Aug '18, 15:41|

The government has been pushing the boundaries of its power for sometimes. During the last 8 months it has moved with unseemly haste to remove banners and posters of protest on baseless legal pretexts. A pair of such banners were raised by Daphne Caruana Galizia’s sons and husband asking “Why aren’t Keith Schembri and Konrad [...]

Three-quarter measures

2018-08-04T08:48:58+02:00Sat, 4th Aug '18, 08:48|

  Not that it would ever occur to me to attend, but the misnomered August Moon Ball is on again tonight. And the odd tradition founded by President George Abela of dodging the August full moon to comply with the Muscats’ holiday plans continues. As the name implies, the idea initially was to have the [...]

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