Sharing a cowshed

2018-08-13T17:54:45+02:00Mon, 13th Aug '18, 17:54|

  The story of the migrants paying €200 a month for a shared cowshed set people talking about racism. And of course, there’s a lot to be said about that. Aditus Foundation spoke to Times of Malta suggesting there could be more to the story and urging the authorities to investigate possible slavery and human [...]

What about that Skype call to Panama then?

2018-08-13T11:53:31+02:00Mon, 13th Aug '18, 11:53|

John Vassallo’s article in The Sunday Times yesterday is vital reading. I will highlight one point he makes towards his conclusion which cannot be missed. “It is an enigma at best that the Finance Ministry, police, financial services authorities or even the top echelons of executive power did not immediately run to a magistrate and [...]

Keith Schembri’s interests in Venezuela

2018-08-13T11:35:51+02:00Mon, 13th Aug '18, 11:35|

Venezuela was a favourite investment destination of Keith Schembri Records of Keith Schembri’s investment portfolio seen by this website show he was personally invested in the sovereign wealth funds of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Through his company Colsons, Keith Schembri invested just under $20,000 in Venezuela state-issued bonds expecting a return of 12.75% and [...]

EU Commissioner: “worries about the origins of the wealth of Russian applications for Maltese citizenship”

2018-08-13T11:08:59+02:00Mon, 13th Aug '18, 11:08|

The Financial Times yesterday reported on the expected “Brussels crackdown on EU governments” on citizenship for sale scheme with a particular emphasis on Malta “as concerns mount about so-called dirty money from Russia”. Commissioner Vera Jourova was explicit. “In cases of any doubt, a person should not have the privilege of citizenship,” Ms Jourova told [...]

Date for Ali Sadr New York trial set

2018-08-13T07:46:52+02:00Mon, 13th Aug '18, 07:46|

A jury trial for Ali Sadr Hasheminejad has been set for 6th May 2019 at 09:30 am starting with jury selection before Judge Andrew L. Carter Jr. The trial will be held in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York in lower Manhattan. Ali Sadr was indicted for multiple counts of [...]

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