#occupyjustice condemns ‘political persecution’.

2018-08-08T12:06:40+02:00Wed, 8th Aug '18, 12:06|

A statement released earlier by #occupyjustice: Despite #occupyjustice’s repeated pleas, the Malta Police did not act on the FIAU reports that exposed Konrad Mizzi’s and Keith Schembri’s money laundering crimes. However, the Malta Police seem to be very keen to chase after people, like the former Inspector Jonathan Ferris, who have fought for the truth [...]

Trojan horses

2018-08-08T11:30:17+02:00Wed, 8th Aug '18, 11:26|

The European Commission has finally expressed its concern about passport sales programs. Commissioner Vera Jourova gave a striking quote yesterday: “We don’t want any trojan horses in the EU”. When something is made to look like something else, it inevitably raises suspicion. Malta’s passport scheme is made to look like an attraction for investment to [...]

The unequal dispensation of justice

2018-08-08T09:30:37+02:00Wed, 8th Aug '18, 09:30|

If the balance is tipped; if the scales are fixed to favour a side; if the blindfold on justice is removed and the sword wielded in the interests of someone against the other, justice becomes injustice and law becomes delinquency. In and of itself there is nothing outside the limits of the law for the [...]

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