John Vassallo: The shape of our Maltese world

2018-08-20T15:32:57+02:00Mon, 20th Aug '18, 15:32|

John Vassallo completed his two-part The Sunday Times piece 'The Republic of Darkness' reviewing the Egrant inquiry. Read this: "So, with more or less the same doubtful evidence, when the judiciary in a decent country  is inclined to serve the interests of the tax-paying population rather than the fears of the innominato and his advisers, [...]

A concert for fallen heroes

2018-08-20T15:13:54+02:00Mon, 20th Aug '18, 15:13|

A recording of a concert given by the Re:Orchestra Quartet of Rotterdam in memory of Daphne Caruana Galizia and Jan Kuciak is available on CD. The concert was sponsored by John Vassallo and Marianne Noll and was held last May at Lapsi church in San Ġiljan. CDs are available at Agenda bookstores. Proceeds go towards [...]

German newspaper on “lax regulatory controls” by Malta gaming regulator

2018-08-20T14:42:08+02:00Mon, 20th Aug '18, 14:40|

Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported this week on gaming companies exploiting chronic regulatory weaknesses in law enforcement in Malta for illegal gaming activities. The story focuses on Loewen Play that runs more than 400 gambling halls in Germany in a state-approved activity. The newspaper, however, reports that Loewen Play uses Malta to dodge German regulators and illegally [...]

Compliant officers

2018-08-20T12:47:28+02:00Mon, 20th Aug '18, 11:22|

Accountants are often private people. They do their work diligently and quietly and often avoid drawing attention to themselves.  Vincent Camilleri, the accountant at Portmann Capital Management Ltd, will probably be surprised to find even his existence discussed in a political blog. Not to mention seeing his CV assessed by someone who, like me, does [...]

How Mossack Fonseca wiped computer and phone records to hide its clients from enforcement agencies

2018-08-20T11:03:57+02:00Mon, 20th Aug '18, 11:03|

A lot has been made about lack of evidence of communication between Nexia BT and Mossack Fonseca in Panama about the ownership of Egrant. A report on investigations into Mossack Fonseca in Nevada, the United States, shows that the firm issued instructions to its Panama central computing system and the office of its Nevada subsidiary [...]

We have a problem here

2018-08-20T09:33:20+02:00Mon, 20th Aug '18, 09:33|

It is one thing for the Finance Minister to adopt the role of a promoter of Malta’s interests and seek to paint a pretty picture of things. It is altogether another to behave like a second-hand car salesman and strong arm the customer into disbelieving their very eyes. Edward Scicluna’s letter to the Financial Times [...]

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