The following comment is by Godfrey Leone Ganado made under this morning’s post Who’s your client?

Read the comment. I have something to add underneath:

If Michelle Muscat divulged that Michelle Buttigieg had appeared before magistrate Bugeja, and if Michelle Muscat hinted publicly to what Michelle Buttigieg told the magistrate, and if Michelle Muscat was not summoned by the magistrate for disobeying his orders, then I too, have the right to do like Owen Bonnici’s client, and state publicly that I too went before Magistrate Bugeja.

The first thing that hit me, were two employees in the courtroom, who were recording proceedings and visibly more interested in who I was, and what I was saying. This, for me was enough to convince me that the corridors of political power and the Malta of the Labour Party would know what I said immediately they left their workplace.

Coupled with this, while the magistrate ordered the court attendant to lock the chamber door, immediately I went out after a good one hour, the Court Hall was full of people waiting for their turn on their personal cases being heard by the same magistrate. Among these there were the two daughters of John Dalli.

The subject I spoke about and the documents I presented, were related to the €400,000 allegedly made by Egrant to Buttardi out of funds allegedly received into the alleged Egrant account from the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan.

I hope that the full Inquiry report will not remain privy to the Labour crooks, and that I will have the opportunity to see whether my witnessing is in the report, and whether it has been faithfully reported.

Manuel Delia’s comment: I too was in court that day. I testified in the Egrant inquiry together with Godfrey Leone Ganado. I have so far respected the Magistrate’s order not to divulge that fact but I agree with Godfrey that’s all redundant now.