Reuters TV: EU to shut down Pilatus Bank license

2018-10-17T22:38:34+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 22:38|

Look at this Reuters film about the European regulatory decision to shut down Pilatus Bank. Daphne Caruana Galizia revealed it was a laundry for corrupt money. Her source was Maria Efimova. The two women were victimised and hounded down. They were threatened. Eventually one ran into hiding where she reads in silence the vilification she [...]

24 hours later

2018-10-17T22:13:04+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 22:13|

The protest memorial to Daphne Caruana Galizia has now stood for 24 hours, longer than it has for some time. Of course, no promises for tomorrow. This photo was taken now. In the meantime here are some images from yesterday's protest march and vigil.  

The Malta Independent: no need to be touchy now

2018-10-17T21:56:46+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 21:56|

The Editorial of The Malta Independent felt its freedom was breached by some remarks I made about their story from last Sunday. Their Editorial said, "blogger Manuel Delia was quick to claim that our story was a 'government leak'." Since what I said about their story was actually a smaller part of a commentary I [...]

German liberal party calls for European investigation into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s killing

2018-10-17T15:16:34+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 15:16|

The human rights spokeswoman for the German liberal FDP and chairman of the Human Rights Committee Gyde Jensen said: "The murder of the Maltese journalist Galizia is a black spot in the history of Europe. It is unbelievable that the masterminds are still at large. The assassination must finally be solved completely. This requires a [...]

La Repubblica: ‘Thousands in the street for Daphne’

2018-10-17T08:33:09+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 08:33|

(Reuters. Published on La Repubblica) I'm translating the concluding paragraph of yesterday's La Repubblica coverage of the street march in Valletta last night: "One thing is certain. The feeling at this time in Malta is that the parted seas will now not flood over again and more importantly no one in Castille is [...]

Art exhibition by Joseph Farrugia, inspired by the events of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia

2018-10-17T07:53:57+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 07:53|

At an event hosted yesterday by MEP David Casa in memory of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Joseph Farrugia stood up to do something too few artists did this past year. He spoke out against the murder of a journalist and in defence of artistic and journalistic freedom. I am reproducing his moving speech below. But I [...]

Thank you, Joseph. Malta now blacklisted by OECD. European Commission says selling passports “a threat to European security”

2018-10-17T07:48:40+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 07:42|

The real mystery is why it took them so long to say it out loud. Those who objected to the scheme the first time the idea was first pronounced anticipated all this. Selling citizenship helps tax evasion, not merely tax avoidance as the sophists would suggest we should distinguish. It is also a threat to [...]

Hacks Hackers London remember Daphne Caruana Galizia

2018-10-17T07:29:29+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 07:29|

Sharon Spiteri, several years ago a journalist here in Malta, for a while now living in the UK spoke last night at a meeting of Hacks Hackers London. Hacks Hackers is an organisation founded in 2009 bringing together the world of 'hacks' (journalists) and 'hackers', technologists with the skills and ability to investigate and discover [...]

Pixelhelper takes Daphne protest to Berlin

2018-10-17T07:31:23+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 07:19|

1 year after the murder of the Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia authorities continue to prevent the investigation. #PixelHELPER projects to the Federal Chancellery & Maltese embassy. #DaphneCaruanaGalizia #JusticeForDaphne support us — PixelHELPER ? ?? (@PixelHELPER) October 16, 2018 The German Federal Chancellary and the Maltese Embassy in Berlin were reminded with [...]

Margaret Atwood: Why has no politician been questioned about the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia

2018-10-17T07:08:43+02:00Wed, 17th Oct '18, 07:08|

Photo by IBL/REX/Shutterstock: Margaret Atwood in Stockholm, Sweden - 03 Jun 2015 I wonder if Kurt Farrugia gets the time today to google who Margaret Atwood is in the midst of seeing the worldwide press coverage of yesterday's events marking a year since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the government's cover-up [...]

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