The volleys of the damned

2018-10-14T12:22:03+02:00Sun, 14th Oct '18, 11:33|

Malta Today’s story on David Casa can’t have been published on the 14th of October by some coincidence. The choice of date serves the interests of those whose hearts are warmed by the bad weather today because the anniversary of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s killing is not being marked. An anonymous former staffer who worked for [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The state of journalism

2018-10-14T11:27:45+02:00Sun, 14th Oct '18, 11:27|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Sure enough the moment that One TV report about my collaboration in a campaign against Malta came up, the Labour Party’s vigilantes got to work. My Facebook page was flooded by messages of trolls, most not anonymous, recommending my exile, my arrest, my punishment, even my suicide. [...]

Today’s March is postponed due to stormy weather

2018-10-15T08:47:43+02:00Sun, 14th Oct '18, 08:42|

#occupyjustice and announce that due to stormy weather the March for Truth and Justice planned for this afternoon is being postponed to Tuesday 16th October 2018, starting at 7:00 pm in front of Wembley Store, Valletta. We would like to confirm that the rest of the program of events for the 15th and 16th [...]

Owen Bonnici lies again

2018-10-14T07:23:19+02:00Sun, 14th Oct '18, 07:23|

When Owen Bonnici lies he looks like a silly schoolboy. When the Minister of Justice lies it is a shocking embarrassment and yet more evidence that our institutions have been hijacked by banana republic tyrants. In a government statement yesterday Owen Bonnici said he had asked the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission for advice on [...]

And they call me a traitor

2018-10-14T06:37:18+02:00Sun, 14th Oct '18, 06:37|

Henley & Partners is now branding Maltese citizenship as a status symbol to be ticked off by the stupidly rich who “have a yacht and two aeroplanes”. Do you know many people who have a yacht and two aeroplanes? Although to be fair the real question ought to be: do you want to know anyone [...]

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