F*** off, qallu

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I will say what I think even if I’m the only one to say it. Let that piece of supreme self-assuredness hang there for a second and think about the implications. Daphne Caruana Galizia often had to think about being alone, though from what I know of her she did not doubt her own convictions. [...]

Guest Post: Owen and Me

2018-10-01T11:16:26+02:00Mon, 1st Oct '18, 11:16|

By Lizzie Eldridge On the afternoon of Tuesday 18th September 2018 –  two days after I’d spent the night protecting flowers and candles from a possible ruthless assault by the government-controlled forces of the Cleansing Services Department – I had the (mis)fortune to bump into Owen Bonnici, the Minister for Justice and Culture, on Republic [...]

German Magazine Publishers honour Daphne Caruana Galizia and Jan Kuciak

2018-10-01T11:00:09+02:00Mon, 1st Oct '18, 11:00|

The Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) is honouring Daphne Caruana Galizia and Slovakian Ján Kuciak posthumously with a “Golden Victoria 2018” for press freedom. The publishers said in a statement that the journalists' assassinations following their work clearly demonstrate the consequences of the rising global threats towards journalists even within the EU. However, the [...]

STAR COMMENT: I testified at the Egrant inquiry

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The following comment is by Godfrey Leone Ganado made under this morning's post Who's your client? Read the comment. I have something to add underneath: If Michelle Muscat divulged that Michelle Buttigieg had appeared before magistrate Bugeja, and if Michelle Muscat hinted publicly to what Michelle Buttigieg told the magistrate, and if Michelle Muscat was [...]

So you think conflicts of interest are no concern of yours.

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You might think conflicts of interest of people in office don’t concern you if they’re doing ‘a good job’. You might not care if Owen Bonnici is Justice Minister and personal attorney to a subject of a criminal inquiry. Here’s when it starts hitting you. If you live in Pembroke, or don’t and just care [...]

Who’s your client?

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The initial shock when Peter Grech outed his minister, Owen Bonnici, as holding a private practice while still minister is now sinking in. The rule that prevents ministers from keeping up their professions is not to keep a lid on their income or to make sure they’re available if the prime minister needs to give [...]

Nightly occurence

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Last night I caught two gov. workers red handed as they removed a photo of slain #Malta journalist #DaphneCaruanaGalizia and a small candle from the makeshift memorial opposite the courts in #Valletta. They also made sure to take my photo before rushing off in a gov. car Surreal pic.twitter.com/mwmx4bGRnt — Claire Caruana (@ClaireCaruana) October 1, [...]

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